Client collaboration: Link host Countryside

Jas, Charles and Adina

We were very excited when the opportunity arose from one of our key clients Countryside Partnerships to host two of their junior team members within our team on three occasions. Adina and Charles, from Countryside’s Development Planning team, were both very engaging and joined in well with our team.

One of our Graduate Engineers, Jas Johal, took the lead on supporting their experience across three days and asked them how they found it….

Charles: “Initially I expected there to be more members of the team such is their quality of work. You can pick up a Link drawing and tell it is a Link drawing from the way everything is portrayed and set out in an easy to follow manner.”

Adina: “Link produce a high quality of work and the team is full of a lot of valuable experience. There is a great team atmosphere and everyone wants to help each other to move forward together. I now have a much greater understanding and appreciation of what goes on behind the drawings.”

For the Link team, having our clients with us in the office was a great opportunity to showcase how we work and reinforce our positive working relationships.

Moving forward we’re exploring the possibility of sending junior members from our team to Countryside to gain a further understanding and appreciation of our clients’ needs and ways of working.