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Our successful growth is down to our brilliant team who deliver smart and consistent service to our clients, with a passion for sharing knowledge and professional development, all within our sociable vibrant offices.

What better way to get a feel for working at Link than to hear from our team?

Following my chartership, I didn’t know what my next steps would be as up until that point I had focused everything on this. Joining Link has helped me refocus myself, and has provided the most amazing opportunities for me to better myself in my career. If I mention an aspect of work I want to develop my skills in, my managers ensure that I get further experience in that area. Through this I manage to keep my workload varied, and no two days are the same. The team is extremely knowledgeable, and if I have a question I know I can go to anyone to ask.
Being part of a smaller team, there is not only a strong work ethic, but also a real sense of teamwork and willingness to help others. At Link, there is a high quality output, which pushes us all to improve. There is a mixture of hard work and fun and it has honestly been a pleasure to work here.

Karishma Lally
MEng (Hons) CEng (Hons) MICE

Link Engineering

Joining Link soon after it started operating has given me great opportunities in addressing technical issues on complex schemes, and in being involved in the expanding operations of the business and the development of new processes.

At Link I work closely with the directors who have had the ambition and knowhow to set up their own business and help it grow over time. It is a great opportunity to draw from a range of technical, commercial and operational expertise through day to day interaction. Having worked at larger international organisations in the past, I can confidently say that the environment at Link is more modern and flexible in supporting the learning and professional development of everyone in the team; with technical, commercial and client facing responsibilities.

I am continuously presented with new challenges to maintain a varied and interesting workload, while the team leadership appreciates, recognises and rewards the right attitude.

Being a part of a smaller organisation gives a strong team attitude, with everyone having a personal level of interaction with our colleagues and company directors. I am very pleased that everyone in the team is genuinely interested and engaged in the work we undertake, which strongly reflects on how we interact with each other, with our clients and the schemes we deliver.

Chris Hadjivassiliou
MEng (Hons) CEng MICE

Link Engineering

Joining Link was one of my best decisions so far. The work environment is great and the whole team is very welcoming and helpful.

Having the opportunity to communicate with all of the senior staff on daily basis has provided me with the support I needed to tackle my chartership with the ICE. The variety of projects that we have been involved in as a team has helped me to develop and improve my overall engineering knowledge. Any gaps in my abilities identified against the ICE Attributes have been taken care of in house where possible, or I’ve been given the opportunity to attend courses to help me improve in these areas. Hard work at Link is always recognised and rewarded.

Being part of a team where all the members are supportive and helpful is great. Social events are common, and we even have a Social Secretary with an allocated budget. The benefits package available for me is very generous.

I’m of the opinion that Link is a very successful company with even greater success to come, and I can’t wait to see it and be part of it.

Valentin Ivanov
MEng (Hons)

Link Engineering

I have gained valuable industrial experience and have greatly expanded my engineering knowledge.

Link’s involvement in a large and varied array of schemes has meant that I have been able to quickly learn and undertake a wide range of tasks and contribute to my professional development. These have included learning to use microdrainage and civil 3D softwares, use of design standards for highways, residential and drainage schemes, and preparation of drawings and technical notes.

The team here have been very welcoming and are very sociable & friendly; even during periods of working from home due to lockdown restrictions, I was regularly in touch with the team and enjoyed taking part in virtual social events with them, which helped to break up my time spent at home. I look forward to taking part in other events with the team in the near future. They are also very approachable and supportive and have been happy to mentor me and answer any questions I have had both in the office and when working from home.

The benefits package available to me as a Link employee is very generous and I am very much enjoying the dynamic of working in a smaller team, particularly with one-to-one mentorship and professional development.

Will Talbot
MEng (Hons)

Link Engineering

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Joining our small and growing business will offer you a variety of opportunities to develop your career and to help shape the business you’re part of.

At Link we take training and development very seriously; you’ll be allocated a line manager who supports you in achieving your personal KPIs and your longer term career goals. Everyone in our senior management team is professionally accredited, so you’ll have lots of support with your ongoing professional development.

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