Our focus on Social Value

One of our senior engineers Val recently attended a Social Value session orgainsed by Constructing Excellence. It certainly brought the importance of the role Link can play in social value front of mind.

Firstly, what is social value? Our understanding of social value is how companies can measure the meaningful contributions to society they make. There is lots to consider including sustainable growth, looking after the environment, improving equality and eradicating poverty. We’ve found the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals a useful inspiration for how we can make a difference.

So, what are we doing specifically at Link?

As a business, there are many ways we know we can make a difference.

1.We’ve signed up to Zellar, a platform which enables us to measure and improve our  sustainability.  We’ve educated ourselves on the impact our business decisions can have on the environment for example the carbon footprint of our website, how ethical our banking providers are and our options for accessing green energy.

2.We’re a young business and we like supporting young people. It’s been inspiring to spend time at university careers fairs and speak to students about their options and what it’s like being a consulting engineer.  We’ve offered work experience opportunities to two school students to date, and during the summer of 2023 we’ve invited three more students to spend a week in our office to gain some insight into engineering.

3.We have supported our local community in several ways. Previously a total of £2.5k has been raised for the Guide Dogs for the Blind and our team supported the Canal and River Trust in which several planted areas of the central Birmingham canal area were improved. In the last twelve months we donated over £600 to the Bodie Hodges Foundation, a family bereavement charity.

As engineers, how can we deliver on social value?  From designing sustainable buildings and infrastructure to considering solutions to the client crisis, there are lots of ways we can make an impact, and in fact, already have. A couple of examples are:

Removing the need for additional infrastructure work

During the design of an access road for a residential development, it was discovered that the approved layout did not align with the council’s expansion plans for the area. This posed a risk of significant public expenditure and disruption, as the new road would need to be demolished and rebuilt in a few years at a slightly different location and level. To avoid this outcome, our team, led by Val, facilitated discussions between our client and the LHA to find a better solution. Ultimately, we were able to reach an agreement to construct only one road, which saved millions of pounds and spared the local residents inconvenience.

Unlocking land for our clients

One of our key clients engaged Link to explore opportunities to help them unlock one of their sites. Our Associate Chris worked with a specialist flood risk modelling consultancy, to recalculate flood risk and enable the client to realise greater development potential on their existing land, as opposed to needing to consider using additional land and more resources.

We know we’ve got much more to learn. At the moment we’re working on our Carbon Reduction Plan, so watch this space.

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