Particular Exclusions

  1. All services not particularly mentioned in the proposal (any listed in ACE Conditions not explicitly mentioned in the services in the proposal are excluded).
  1. Project management, quantity surveying, estimation of quantities, planning, building services, design co-ordination or Architectural services or review of bills of quantities or sub-contract documents.
  2. CDM Principal Designer, Party Wall surveyor duties, Contract Administrator, contract dispute or claims advice services or responsibility for discharging Planning, Building Regulations or other conditions except as specifically listed above.
  3. Review of contract documents, third party agreements, third party specifications, framework agreements or Main Contract.
  4. Provision of warrantees or entering into forms of appointment or novation other than included within the proposal or any legal or other costs for consideration of any such documents.
  5. Signing or entering into warranty agreements with third party or any novation agreements other than with the client (signature of each separate document will be subject to a fee not less than £150 plus VAT, to be agreed and paid in advance, and only exact wording to match the principle signed warranty will be considered).
  6. Responsibility for any construction, design or co-ordination or the consequences of any construction, design or co-ordination other than those elements specifically included in the scope of services section of the proposal.
  7. Production of drawings identifying sub-division of elements of construction into works packages.
  8. Responsibility for investigating or designing treatment to vegetation or provision for wildlife except as described in the proposal.
  9. Any services or liability with regard to pollution or contamination except as specifically listed in the proposal.
  10. Execution of physical site investigation works or any responsibility for the contents or recommendations of site investigations or interpretative assessment.
  11. Organisation of measured topographical survey, subtronic services survey, CCTV drainage survey or undertaking site measurements or any other investigations except as specifically listed in the proposal.
  12. Structural appraisal or assessment of any existing structures for general structural integrity or condition or ability to support particular loadings except as specifically listed in the proposal.
  13. Design of surface water attenuation schemes or drainage systems, which are not connected to public sewers adjacent to the site boundary unless specifically described above or consideration of or design of diversion works to existing drainage to other services except as described in the proposal.
  14. Design, specification or responsibility for fire protection measures or fire integrity.
  15. Obtaining information for production of “as-built” drawings or certifying the accuracy or adequacy of information provided to us.
  16. Re-drawing historical information to describe existing structures.
  17. Copying or supplying additional copies of any drawings, documents or reports produced by others.
  18. Design or specification of waterproofing or tanking to floor slabs, walls, basements or pits.
  19. Responsibility for providing setting out information, levels, sectional information, comprehensive dimensional or co-ordinate information except by reference to Architects information or as specifically listed in the proposal.
  20. Estimation of groundworks cut and fill quantities or ground modelling except as specifically listed in the proposal.
  21. Production of steelwork designs, fabrication details or reinforcement bar bending schedules or dimensional checking of fabrication information produced by others except as specifically described in the proposal.
  22. Detailed checking of calculations or details produced by specialist contractors / suppliers or responsibility for structural adequacy of such design.
  23. Responsibility for overall building structural integrity for buildings which contain substantial specialist contractor designed elements.
  24. Services associated with site entrance, highways or traffic issues.
  25. Design or checking of temporary works structures temporary stability or works sequences.
  26. Design or checking of cold-formed steel framing systems for partitions or external envelopes or other forms of stud walling.
  27. Design or checking of cladding systems or their fixings.
  28. Design or checking of precast concrete floor or staircase elements.
  29. Design specification or checking of screeds, insulation or damp-proof membranes.
  30. Design specification or checking of balustrades or handrails.
  31. Multiple design solutions, design iterations or alternative arrangements.
  32. Design and specification of Gas Protection measures except as described in the proposal.
  33. Comprehensive inspection on site of every structural element of works or any detailed checking of as constructed dimensions or accuracy.
  34. Detailed checking of proposed materials or test results produced by contractors for compliance with specification requirements or general adequacy.
  35. Payment of any third-party fees including those for Planning, Building Regulation Applications or utility connection consultations.
  36. Provision or preparation of information to assist parties to disputes.
  37. Site quality inspections or site record taking.
  38. Any responsibility for site Health & Safety processes and activities.
  39. Undertaking Flood Risk Assessments or any pre-planning discussions with the Local Authority or Environment Agency.
  40. Preparation of Party Wall Reports or preparation of construction method statements to suit Party Wall Agreements, except as specifically listed in the proposal.
  41. Design of fencing or fence foundations or lighting column foundations or other foundations to external elements.
  42. 3D modelling, BIM or use of collaborative project software systems except as specifically listed in the proposal.
  43. Assessment of condition or specification of repairs to existing concrete or steel building elements except as specifically listed in the proposal.
  44. Works to adopted or adoptable highways subject to section agreements except as specifically listed in the proposal.
  45. Design or specification of pre-cast concrete or steel staircases.