British Construction Industry Awards

On Wednesday 11 October our director Nick Hirschman attended the British Construction Industry Awards in London.  Link was part of the team, comprising Makers Construction and C-Probe Systems, involved in refurbishment of the Omni Centre car park in Edinburgh.

The car park opened in 2002 and comprises of 4 levels of reinforced concrete deck basement parking.  The structural integrity of the decks had been compromised as a result of the ingress of de-icing salts from traffic using the car park.  The design of the corrosion control works carried out by C-Probe System aimed to use a sustainable, low carbon approach to the long- term control of reinforcement corrosion within the car parking decks.  The ICCP system installed uses a low-carbon mortar and prevented the need for removal and replacement of significant parts of the reinforced concrete decks.

The project was awarded the “Environment & Sustainability Initiative of the Year”.  The team was up against some very big players within this category so it is a huge achievement for all involved to have received this award!

This initiative goes to the heart of sustainability in that the technology being deployed is extending the life of existing structures by considerable margins by addressing the problem of corrosion of steel reinforcement, allowing them to be reused or repurposed, rather than be demolished and replaced in line with PAS 2080 principles.
It is combatting corrosion in a low impact, scientifically guided way, using novel materials, as well as state of the art investigation and post installation monitoring tools.
It is maximizing the use of the embodied carbon in existing structures in an exemplary way.
The solution negates the need for more extensive repair and remediation and extends the life cycle of assets that would otherwise need expensive repairs or high carbon replacements.

Big Birmingham Bake!

Our team visited the Big Birmingham Bake to celebrate the special birthdays of two team members.

The bake challenge was Raspberry Pavlova. We were split into pairs and given our instructions and ingredients. There were several elements; the meringue, the filling and of course the decoration. Lots of laughter and friendly competition quickly ensued.

The head baker was very impressed each pair was able to bring to the table a presentable pavlova for judging. After the winners were announced we celebrated with some drinks and then headed home with our creations.

If you’re considering a team activity or a meet up with friends, this is definitely something we’d recommend.

Link is officially BIM Prepared

Link has recently received a certification of approval from BRE Group for its BIM capabilities.

We have spent the last year putting together the correct templates and procedures in line with national guidance set out in ISO19650-2:2018 to ensure we have the capabilities to work on BIM Level 2 projects.

Our Senior Design Technician Jason Gibbons led the task and is currently on his way to being BIM Certified as an individual, having recently completed his BIM Essentials and BIM Management training and exams.

Jason told us: “I am delighted to have confirmation of our BIM capabilities and excited at the prospect of implementing these new procedures in line with the up to date national guidelines across the business.”

New Office Celebration

In September we welcomed some of our clients and contacts to visit and enjoy our new Birmingham office. The weather was on our side and those who attended enjoyed networking with drinks in the sunshine on the wonderful roof terrace of our office building.

We had a local company The Park Playground set up their virtual reality gaming station in the office, which was great fun and enjoyed by all who were brave enough to give it a try!

My Flamingos provided a wonderful mobile bar serving a variety of cocktails, mocktails and drinks. We kept the food simple yet delicious with some Indian snacks from a Nakodar Sweets. The event organisation was supported by our good friend Brian Chappelhow, Chappelhow Marketing & Events.

At Link we find it so important to enjoy who we work with so the event provided the perfect way to celebrate the new office space we’ve worked hard to create.

We look forward to welcoming more of our network in the near future.