The Heart of England Forest Volunteering Day

Link Engineering Volunteering Day with The Heart of England Foresting

The Link team recently volunteered to support The Heart of England Forest charity in its mission to create and conserve broadleaf forests. As part of Link Engineering’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, we aim to assist and support several local charities. This year, we chose The Heart of England Forest, an organization with the ambitious goal of reversing centuries of woodland decline by conserving broadleaf forests. With over 2 million trees already planted, their target is to cover 30,000 acres with new woodland, and they have successfully planted trees on 7,000 acres so far.

This initiative significantly impacts our efforts to become more carbon-neutral. By supporting The Heart of England Forest, we aim to make a positive environmental impact, help mitigate climate change, and create habitats for diverse wildlife.

As volunteers, our task was to remove plastic spiral tree guards from the growing trees, helping protect the environment and emerging wildlife. This hands-on experience allowed us to appreciate the surrounding nature and crucial work The Heart of England Forest does for the local environment.

After a productive morning, we enjoyed a rewarding walk, taking in the natural beauty that The Heart of England Forest has cultivated. This experience gave us a deeper understanding of the impact we were making, as we observed the different stages of woodland development and improvement.

It was a privilege to work with The Heart of England Forest, and the team would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Jonathan and his dog Bliss for guiding us and teaching us about The Heart of England Forest project.